Welcome to our Website

Inspire Learning has been created to provide the highest standards in Education to all children 
regardless of their ability. We aim to work with schools and parents to provide additional 
teaching for children in a modern, welcoming and safe environment in the centre of 
Ramsbottom. Cutting edge technology, highest standards of teaching and an understanding of 
children and their families in today’s world mean that we are committed and passionate about 
giving our children the best chances in life and the opportunity to stay one-step ahead.The 
demands on children, families and schools is overwhelming. It is widely recognised that the 
needs of our children are such that it is impossible to fit everything into the school week.
We will work with families to provide what you want for your children not what we are told we 
should be happy with. Whether your child is described as average, falling behind, Gifted and 
Talented. They deserve the opportunity to be recognised as
an individual and be given the best that life can offer.